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les petits mots d'une souris [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Liene From the Internet

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nudes and coffins [mai. 7e, 2007|09:53 pm]
Liene From the Internet
Sun rises on thousands in the buff: Naked crowd in Mexico City eclipses photographer's record

Your Shiny Happy Discount Death: Amongst the bulk cheese and the plasma TVs, a slew of coffins, now at Costco. Bargain! (see also: the author's tricky adds in his blurb at the bottom)

I swear, all I am trying to do is close tabs, but these links keep coming up and being interesting.
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pulitzers [avr. 22e, 2007|10:49 pm]
Liene From the Internet
My sister, who writes for the Oregonian, was one of the Pulitzer finalists for feature writing. One might say that we are, as a family, pretty damn proud of her. (Sometimes little girls declare they are going to be writers before even hitting middle school [or junior high], never waver, and grow up to be Pulitzer finalists.)

Perhaps you would like to read some of her writing?
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bonne journée internationale de la Francophonie! [mar. 20e, 2007|10:17 pm]
Liene From the Internet
For serious! (It is even on Google today!) It's also my brother's birthday! Happy birthday, John!

A good hearty email from someone I haven't talked to in over a year -- this made my day, I tell you. Sometimes romantic relationships really do succeed in becoming beautiful, rich friendships. Even if you don't talk as often as you'd like. I'm starting to sound old there; whoops.

It's funny, you know, sending emails or letters or whatever to people with whom you haven't spoken in a while. This sort of "here it goes off into the ether" and the inevitable "do I even have a good address for them anymore?" and all those sorts of questions. But I succeeded. And I have to say, it doesn't really shock me that he's the first of the people I've dated (as far as I know, anyway) to get engaged.

Oh MAN -- and my mom and my sister get here tomorrow (!), and I'll see them Thursday, and then I have Friday off and EEE.

I just need to work on getting more sleep.
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nouvelles [mar. 19e, 2007|07:38 am]
Liene From the Internet
1. It was just snowing.
2. My mom and sister get here Wednesday.
3. It's almost spring!

Hello, week; here we come!

Also -- saw "La Vie Des Autres" (it's German; I have no idea what either the German or English titles are but it won an Oscar) (and a César) last night. I cannot stress this enough -- if you have the chance, go see it. It is the only non-tra-la-happy-ish film I have enjoyed in a very long time. It makes me understand why people fall in love with the cinema, quite simply. (It also was my first experience seeing a film with no English whatsoever, either in dialogue or in lip movements or in subtitles!)
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mobes [mar. 10e, 2007|10:32 am]
Liene From the Internet
Yeah, I went. :)

More later; I'm off to badminton on three-ish hours of sleep. Have unrealized this and must act on it.
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and a quick question [mar. 9e, 2007|03:09 pm]
Liene From the Internet
Moby plays in Paris tonight, doing a DJ set, which is incredibly rare for him. I just found out about this.

Do I go?

I'm torn, in case you couldn't tell.
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flickr, cats, and my dad (and his awesome camera) [mar. 9e, 2007|02:02 pm]
Liene From the Internet
My dad took some (stealthy ninja) pictures of my (immobile until photographed) cat and sent them to me and my brother (the cat moved to my dad's after my brother left for his two months in Japan, which are drawing to a close -- PB was a little too much for his housemates). My dad, as mentioned in the title, has a freaking sweet camera, and a wonderful eye for using it, too.

And I finally cracked and bought a flickr pro account. Amazed it took me this long. It was that 3-set limit that finally got me, though duh, the rest is pretty great.

down on the ground
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yo mama [mar. 6e, 2007|03:06 pm]
Liene From the Internet
Am I wrong for thinking this is kind of funny? I mean I know that the whole ready-gov thing is a bit odd anyhow, but come ON it is just BEGGING for "your mom" jokes.
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trouble and time and bling [mar. 5e, 2007|03:21 pm]
Liene From the Internet
1) I hate always being in trouble. Isn't it funny how, as we get older, sometimes true things our parents said to us as children become Much More True and Way More Relevant? Getting this in spades.

2) dude I am in LOVE with the stupid timeanddate.com pages. They keep answering all my questions, like "what time is it in Japan?" and "what numbers do I really need to dial to reach my little brother there?" The best, though, is the personal world clock. Yeah, I'm totally keeping track of ALL of you(r time zones) this way.

3) Hey bank: I want to put some money in you. Can you please get with the program and have some envelopes for me? Or be open on a Monda-(sound of enthusiastic French laughter subsequently drowns Liene out).
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i know what time it is in Japan right now [mar. 4e, 2007|01:46 pm]
Liene From the Internet
Who just talked to their brother in Japan?


Japanese phones ring differently, too (differently than American or French ones, that is). Also it's funny calling a number when you're certain it's going to be answered in a language you don't understand or speak. I figured that if I got his name in there they'd figure it out; there was some animated Japanese chatter and then lo!, my brother's voice.

This made my weekend a bunch better.

Among other things, it's cool having a sibling who understands what it's like to start forgetting English words -- things like "accent" or whatever. (Here, among the anglophones anyway, it is also not unknown to occasionally take French words and accidentally pronounce them Englished in an English sentence, such as "Don't touch my pain" or "That doesn't derange me"; I feel like this is probably less of a problem if you're working in a different alphabet altogether.) It was great getting a little set of cultural lessons, too. Beer vending machines. Dinner at six or six-thirty, the second and final meal of the day. Maybe it's only the second for my brother because he doesn't get up real early, but I am still amazed by the dinner hour.

(This weekend has been interesting, in that it's been a TIME FOR A LOCAL VACATION weekend, rather by accident. I texted my friend Kat [of "not deranged" fame] on Friday, to the effect of "oh god can we please go out sometime this weekend I'm going crazy," and she said "I'm just planning on staying home tonight, maybe doing some homework and watching a film and drinking some wine, but you're welcome to come over if you want." And that sounded awesome. So I headed out and told the parents I was going to a friend's and I'd be back the next morning. Which would have been yesterday. And I got home like an hour ago. [Fast fact: Not waking up to screaming/crying is rad. Doing this two days in a row is even better.] But oh well; I feel a million times better, though I still have that "must get into city" urge going on. Also, homework. Dangit!)

Also -- did you know there was a LUNAR ECLIPSE last night? Visible from Europe and Africa, or parts thereof? And that it was AWESOME? It was, despite all the clouds that were strongarming the sky, especially as the moon was becoming fully eclipsed. Man, it was beautiful. Sitting out on the porch with blankets and wine. Lovely.
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