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les petits mots d'une souris

To what use this information will be put is unclear.

Liene From the Internet
28 May 1984
Last year, I escaped to France. Now I've escaped to Portland (the Oregon one, if you're wondering). I don't know what the heck is going on anymore, and that's okay.

Not knowing what the heck is going on is of course excellent journal fodder, and so once I start writing again you're welcome to try that. Or talking to me. That would work, too. I like tea, and espressos with dark chocolate on the side; maybe we should go for a drink.

My subtitle is from New Scientist. I quite liked the line, especially given the context of the article and my life (though I don't mean to insinuate a relationship between the two). But then again, that was about penguins.

[Note/FYI: If you're adding me, you don't need my permission, though I'd like it if you'd give me a hullo or introduction or something of the sort through an email or a comment. I'm especially curious to know how people end up here...Additionally, I rarely add people who don't introduce themselves unless I'm positive I already know them in person. Just so you know. Public-me is a lot different than other, possibly fuller pictures I paint in here, but I'm mildly picky with it--pure lurkers (and people who don't write in real sentences, or at least intelligible fragments) weird me out.]

[The Amélie mood theme is by postcardjunkie.]

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